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Ohinché Lahorgue

Dynamic and Committed
We are confident that our organization, our approach to business, our ability to adapt to change and our uncompromising independence puts us in the best position to meet the demands of our clients and meet the challenges of the evolution of our profession.


Our lawyer’s specialisation ensures that
cases are tackled in a solution-oriented manner and completed with efficiency. We advise many different types of clients with many different legal issues. We pride ourselves on always providing the best possible service, tailored to the needs of each individual client. 

Lawyer – Managing Partner

Evariste Ohinché

Evariste OHINCHÉ, is the founder and Managing partner of the firm, and specialises in Corporate and Business law as well as providing services to national and international private clients.

Prior to founding the firm, he worked at the service of the Legal Department of the Central Bank of Saarland in Germany.

Lawyer at the High Court- Senior Partner

Jean Philippe Lahorgue

Extremely knowledgeable, quick and accurate an experienced, talented and highly-respected for his professional, yet friendly approach Jean-Philippe LAHORGUE is a dual-qualified lawyer of the Luxembourg and French bar Associations and works cross-border in both jurisdictions


Rui Valente

Highly astute and approachable an experienced and successful advocate. Rui VALENTE has extensive experience in Employment law after having been for many years legal advisor to ALEBA, the Luxembourg Association of Bank and Insurance Employees.

Dr (Phd) Lawyer- Of counsel

Manuel Fansi

A post-doctoral fellow at the University of Luxembourg, Manuel Roland Fansi received his doctorate from the Centre for Business Law at the University of Strasbourg.

Specialized in banking law  risk management and banking strategies, the use of payment instruments and legal oversight of companies, he has published numerous books including “Rights and Banking Practices in Ohada Space” in 2013.


Carole Biot-stuart

Lawyer (France, Luxembourg) / Solicitor (England and Wales) / Consular Counselor Luxembourg / Counselor AFE Benelux. and practices civil law, environmental law, family law, personal injury law and criminal law.

Lawyer at the High Court

Philippe Godebert

After a legal and financial background in corporate and then social service management, Philippe GODEBERT became a lawyer in Luxembourg.

Since 2011, he also practices at the Metz Bar. Mediates and litigates in all aspects of civil law as well as in selected areas of administrative law. Works independently, conscientiously, professionally and in a solution-oriented manner. Philippe GODEBERT represents you both before the French and Luxembourgish courts.


Our success as an international firm is due to our ability to understand and respond to the needs of our clients and to deliver the highest quality legal services.

OUR TEAM Office staff


Legal assistant

Christel is the multilingual assistant of the firm. Educator by training, she speaks French, English, German, Luxembourgish and Portuguese, as well as Italian and Spanish. Dynamic and reactive, Christel’s relational qualities and her sense of contact always offer a warm welcome to the firm.

Sophie N'CHO

Personal Assistant

Sophie is in charge of the accounting and the equipment. She studied economics in Germany and has additional training as a commercial office agent (Bürokauffrau).

She manages with calm and commitment.

Sophie speaks French, German, English and Luxembourgish.

Our firm has a resolutely European and international focus, relying in particular on its networks in Luxembourg, France, Germany, its legitimacy in French-speaking Africa, its know-how in America and Asia.