Philippe Godebert

Lawyer at the High Court

Phone: +352 24 61 30 211


After a legal and financial background in corporate and then social service management, Philippe GODEBERT became a lawyer in Luxembourg.

Since 2011, he also practices at the Metz Bar. In January 2016, he set up his main office in Sarrebourg, 15 rue de la gare and keeps a secondary office in Phalsbourg, 1 rue Parmentier.
Thus, Philippe GODEBERT represents you both before the French and Luxembourgish courts.

Master’s degree in private law (major in legal careers careers – University of Caen)
– Training in the works council (ICB Angers)
– Certificate of complementary courses
– Luxembourg law

Lawyer at the High Court in Luxembourg since 2002
Attorney at the Metz Bar since 2011


French, German, English, Luxembourgish